Artistic Mind

Multi-dimensional artist, Victoriya Khanimov

From the time  she was  a little girl, Victoriya always viewed the world through the lens of an artist. She is  a multi-dimensional self-taught artist and visionary that gets inspired through her client’s idea and is able to create art pieces that can fulfill their vision. She creates art using diverse techniques, such as mixed media, acrylics, oil, watercolors, coffee and plaster. She has done murals for private residence and window displays for retail stores.  In addition, she has been teaching drawing/sketching and painting classes in her private studio and also has performed art parties for all sizes and all ages. In addition, she paints live at weddings and large gallas such as fundraisers.  She is constantly looking for new and creative adventures.  Victoriya has a loving family who loves and supports her in her lifesjourney through her very artistic mind!