These Art Lessons are developed so that young artists can start building solid art foundation and the creative thought process for art making from an early age. Students explore traditional drawing mediums and experimental/expressive use of such and learn how to visualize their creative visions. Victoriya trains students of all ages by providing one-on-one instructions and gives individual attention to all. Students can acquaint themselves with the foundation skills and/or further strengthen and develop their techniques and skills. If you’d like more information regarding the classes, contact Victoriya.

To hold your spot, a commitment of 10 classes is required. Trial $30pp for 1st lesson. Must be FULLY paid when signed up. No make-up/no refund with no show! Materials will need to be purchased for the class. ALL classes are available in both Russian and English.

Beginner ClassesThis class focuses on the basics of drawing with pencil, eraser, and paper. I will guide my students through the elements of art, including line, shape, shadow, value, tone, form and perspective, demonstrating and offering critiques of work. This course is ideal for beginner students who seek a foundation in the fundamentals of drawing.  Join our beginner drawing classes to acquire essential skills such as pencil shading, creating objects from basic shapes, sketching still life scenes, and employing various shading methods. Most importantly, you or your child will uncover their own unique artistic style.  In this introductory class, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of drawing. I will choose an object and demonstrate how to draw it from beginning to end, while you follow along in your sketchbook. Every child and person is different in their own way and capabilities but for the most part its suitable for any age.  

Intermediate Classes –  Exploring Composition and Proportion. Understanding and Integrating Intermediate Values. Exploring the Concept of Lost and Found Edges. Diving into Multiple Point Perspective. Please note that these classes assume some prior art knowledge. In this setting, each student creates art based on their preferred reference material, whether it’s brought from home, selected from studio resources, or found online via an iPad or phone. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of knowledge you’ll gain in these sessions. Occasionally, we enhance drawings by introducing color and depth through watercolor pencils. Our belief is that using different shades of gray pencils helps you grasp the object’s values and teaches you how to give it dimension. Our classes offer tailored, step-by-step instruction to suit your specific needs and interests. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to work independently while I circulate to offer guidance and assistance as needed. In this creative environment, most students will be engaged in various sketching and drawing projects. They are not limited in what is chosen for them to draw but more like they choose and teacher approves, so that they can still choose what they like but teacher can manage the challenge level.

Professional/Advanced Level Individual Classes – In this class art knowledge, theories & technique knowledge is required;  the teacher draws side by side with the student assisting them on building professional portfolio. In these classes, students will have the opportunity to draw freehand from still life setups, reference family photos for portraits, and explore advanced techniques such as watercolor and oil painting, among others.

Individual/semi individual classes – In these classes, students have the freedom to choose what they want to draw, and I will draw alongside them, guiding them step-by-step. This approach is suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels alike. It’s highly personalized, tailored to each student’s interests. For instance, if a student is passionate about architecture, we’ll emphasize architectural drawings. If fashion design and drawing figures are their passion, we’ll focus on mannequin drawings and fashion illustration. All levels are welcome. 

Family Art Classes – This art class is created for a small family of 3-4 people with varying skill levels. It involves assessing each member’s abilities and interests the curriculum is tailored to include activities from basic techniques for beginners to advanced concepts like perspective and different mediums for more experienced family members. I offer personalized instruction and encourage collaboration while acknowledging individual artistic styles. The atmosphere is supportive and enjoyable, its a great space where everyone can learn, grow, most of all bond and appreciate art together. 




1st Semester: October – Mid January

2nd Semester: February – June





10 lessons min.


3 people per class
6 lessons min.


2 people per class
6 lessons min.


1-on-1 private class
6 lessons min.